World Reform Foundation

Abbreviation of World Reform Foundation WRF

Motto To bring necessary reforms throughout the world wherever required towards near perfection for complete peaceful globe with the real offerings of the happy and healthy  living system to the maximum people by refining the possible maximum avenues with logical and scientific conclusions.

Description about the need of some important reforms :

Reform is defined as to correct someone or something or cause someone or something to be better. It is the high time to reform, simplify, modernize the matters and materials wherever it is required for the convenient, easy and high standard living system. Avoiding unnecessary complications and complicating the systems and practices…

Today the world have changed a lot from the character and behavior of the olden days war monger primitive barbaric, brutal and inhuman nude people who ate raw to fired, smoked flesh of fellow humans and other animals as cannibals.


Now the present era is the most advanced and knowledgeable world and most of the people have been educated and civilized to the maximum. There must be a thorough analyzing and thought process to allow the continuation of only good and right things which are very essential and humanity oriented to infuse love and peace of mind to the entire present and future human race.

To have a very peaceful, human friendly, beautiful, healthy and happy world we have to imbibe the fine qualities to the minds of all the living people of the earth particularly the youths and young ones. It is a must of the time to soften the youth as to avoid terrorism and other conflicts. In today’s society many families have no real love and affection within their family members because of the prevalence of  rough and tough surroundings.


It is very sad and disturbing that people of certain countries have always been more cruel throughout the history with the habit of enjoying the pains, injuries, breaking of limbs, blood bathing of fellow human beings causing disability and dying with loud pain cries, culture of killing by gun shooting and so on.

It is begged before the global societies to convert to good and important matters to move the world towards the kind and lovable approach leaving maximum cruel evil items out of the earth.


The foremost concern of the world authorities must be to ensure sufficient food and water, health and dwelling facilities to all the people of the entire globe than anything else.

So the highly knowledgeable people of the present day intellectual world shall not allow any discrepancies to persist in the universal systems to continue hereafter.

It is the right time to reform, simplify, modernize the matters and materials wherever it is required for the convenient, easy and high standard living system. It is sincerely requested to the intellectuals of the knowledgeable world that anymore even small discrepancies shall not be allowed to continue hereafter and it would be highly appropriate time to have the reforming of the structure of the existence of confusing things.


To bring stable global peace less - wars, atomic weapons and unimaginable expenses for these cruel items, hungry & poverty this type of revolutionary reformation is a must to avoid disparity, anomalies, abnormalities etc. in the global neutral offerings and humanitarian service. India being a vast old nation with the characters of disciplined better culture and traditions and the author as one among its citizens with varied experiences he believe that he have the maximum  qualities to initiate the actions for the happenings of good things for the humanity  and goodness to the global system.


It is well known to everyone that the evils of corruption, bribery, scandal, black money etc have been widely prevailing in almost all the departments in many nations of the world. It shall be a must that many reforms have to be carried out to eradicate these cancerous activities at the earliest possible time.

Good priority-wise selection in the public elections, quality of the people’s representatives, selection process of govt. employees, genuine transfer policy, moral and truthful service of police dept., lawyers, auditors  and more importantly every individual citizen's mind setup of every nation are the primary areas which have to be transformed to the right directions for the early removal of these bad things in our society.


Most of the politicians start from a poor life in many nations and earn huge money within a short period of time as to that of their positions in his/her political party and it ranges from the owning of mountains, quarries of granite, sand, mines, factories, hospitals, large estates, farms, very big educational institutions, big hotels, very big buildings, unlimited amount of gold, diamonds, more than one spouses, incredible properties also in other nations except the sky. They are also spending unlimited huge money in elections and other party and family functions such as meeting, big conferences, spending enormous for the costliest life of their family members and so on. 

Why do they ruthlessly rob this much amount of wealth from the public money and managing the load of maintaining and accounting them. Truly, is it possible to rightly concentrate in the people’s service in addition to the job of doing corruption wherever possible and maintaining & carrying the load of enormous wealth and also spending sleepless times by the fear of rides and actions from the concerned authorities?. They store to the tune of 100 of their generations foolishly. But nobody knows what is the next year or after 10 years. Most of the politicians do not know even the basics about service, humanity, etc. They plainly think that politics is a huge earning sector with the respect and pride of surrounding of more men and women.